Service (Pano video)

Kindly note that this is just a project (or we called it a Brainchild) which is personally handled by Jaywin Chia. You just need to get connected with him when you need his service. We would also like to seek your understanding for not to expect business level system and customer service as this is only a project. Having said that, your feedback are welcome. We will do our best and see how this project will turn out. Thank you and looking forward for your support.

If you like to take photograph of what you saw and to show what you shot in panorama; But you do not have the time to process them into useful and professional vidoes that can be shared online and offline; This is a good solution for you.

This service is most useful for those who are marketing properties, anywhere in the world, and want to leverage on the power of Internet to help them to be efficient and productive.

However, the main requirement is that you need to know how to do panorama shoots, which is quite easy once you get used to it.

We hope that we can give you a Simple, Direct and Unconventional approach by taking away the time and technical skill part, but still provide you the basic skill and advantage over others.

You can find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Pano Video Service here.

You can learn about Internet, Panorama, Real Estate and Productivity when more materials are posted here. Currently, iViewhouse is in its beta and initial stage.

At the moment, this service is only available to Agent Members of We will make an announcement when this service is available to everyone else. Sorry for the inconvinence.

Below is a block digram of the workflow of Panorama video.

Standard package

Example of a Pano Video: D26 - Condo - The Calrose (For Sale) - a 1795

Pano Video
  • All panorama and standard pictures have to be provided by you
  • Video setup fee is SGD99
  • Per Pano/Montage scene is SGD17
    Therefore, if a pano video consists of x3 scenes, the price will be SGD150
  • Per video footage of every 3 minutes is SGD10
  • Format: HD (720p) in mp4 (resolution HD 1280 x 720)
  • Presentation format standard, with credential of iViewhouse
  • Music will be provided by us.
    There are no music option to choose from. We do not take your music unless you can prove that you have obtained the copyright
  • One (1) time of amendment request before delivery

Profile setup fee (first-time)
  • Standard format: Per agent is SGD100
  • Customised format: Request quotation

  • Stitching of Panorama or Montage (x4 pictures) per scene is SGD18
  • Video editing of footage for every 3 mintues is $18
  • After delivery, per amendment request is SGD28
  • Upload to your Youtube account is Free
    (your login details should be provided by you upon request)
  • Hardcopy (DVD disc + label + case + wrapper sealing) is only available only in Singapore.
    This optional service is good only if you want to look good for making it as a gift to your clients. If not, it is not necessary.
    Additional fee per Hardcopy: SGD50
    The design and layout a a hardcopy DVD is the same as the picture below.

All prices quoted are inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Terms & Conditions - All parties, Mondarlezo, iViewhouse and Clients have the rights to the pano videos unless otherwise agreed. All rights reserved.