Tuesday, December 18, 2012

(Open) Season Greetings 2013 and Reminder (Mondarlezo) to Members

Dear Friends, Business Acquaintances and Members


Wishing you a Merry Christmas 2012 and a Happy New Year 2013
This is the time of the year that we look back to learn and reflect, and at the same time looking forward to achieve ahead. Most importantly, it is also the time to get in touch and be connected (updated) as we are always busy with our life and work. 
It is coming to a year since I announced our decision to stop our old services (i-Open-House.com). And it is only coming to 5 months since we set our new direction (Mondarlezo.com).
Nonetheless, the ending of one period is the beginning of another. I hereby, wishing you, your family and your love ones the 3 H'es. Healthy, Happy and Hopeful.

Reminder (for existing subscribers of our old services)

Please be reminded that our server for those old services will be shutdown by 28 Feb 2013. Hope you have already more or less done your web migration or started something new.

We were commented a few times that we actually provided a 1 year period for our subscribers while some businesses would have just shutdown without any notice. We thank you and that is our integrity in doing business in the past, the present and the future.

Please note that there will not be any more reminders after this. For those of you who will be receiving any refund, as mentioned, we will do so within a month after the server shutdown.

We have taken quite a number of panoramic photographs over the last 10 years. Recently, I have created a few pano videos of Singapore and will be creating more along the way. See if you "Remember this place?" http://www.youtube.com/iviewhouse ... feeling nostalgia...

Please Like, Comment, Subscribe or Share the videos with someone if you like the videos. Remember to share with your children and grand children too. 

Hope to have your strong support because much effort and time will be needed to continue with this "Remember this place" online video gallery work. With our ever changing landscape in Singapore, I hope we can leave something behind to share and to keep. 
Thank you for your support in advance.

Tips (Youtube)

Most of you, if not all, may want to know that you can upload your videos to Youtube and control the privacy. You can do any of these 3 settings.
  1. Make it Public, so that anyone can find it at Youtube or at the search engine. 
  2. Make it Unlisted and share its link only, so that those people you shared the link with can see the video. You can also use the Unlisted setting if you embed your video into property websites and your website.
  3. Make it PrivateIf you want more privacy, you can set to allow viewing from only those people you specify. They will need to log in into their Youtube or Google account. After they watched it, you can even remove them.
For Youtube video, you can watch it with virtually any mobile devices like Android (Samsung, Asus, LG, Sony etc) and iOS (iPhone, iPad). No need to install any apps because those OS come with Youtube apps.

For details of Youtube sharing, click here
A word of caution. Anything uploaded to the Internet is "virtually not private". So be mindful when you upload anything to the Internet.

Honestly, I still standby the motto (since 2002) to up the agent IT usage, especially in Singapore. Making use of IT to be efficient. Regardless if you are using my products and services or not. Hope to see more of you leverage on using technology to work smarter.
What is next?
Due to time constrain, I am still working on setting up iViewhouse. I will keep you updated. At the mean time, I have setup various social network that you may have already been using to stay updated. That is the new norm of communication.
Below are the links. Let's get connected in your preferred way. 



For your info., our office number 6295-6635 and fax number are no longer in use. Our current office number is 911-32-322. Else are still the same.

Thank you and all the best for the coming year 2013 ahead. Cheers!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beta Launch

iViewhouse.net and iViewhouse.com beta are launched today. There are not much content at the moment because we have only set up the relevant sites for the start. We will continue to put in more contents progressively over time. Please go ahead to learn more About Us here.

Below is a screen shot of iViewhouse.net website and its layout explanation.