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Please email to regarding your domain name needs.

Below are the Top level domain names and their rates. We will add more if we have more requests for Top level domain names from other countries.

Please connect with Jaywin Chia if you have more than 10 domain names registered through us. He will upgrade you to the members' rate.

For bulk purchase discounts beyond member's rate, please also connect with him to see what he can do to help.

Thank you.

International Normal rate (SGD) per year Members rate (SGD) per year
.com 27 24
.net 27 24
.org 27 24
.biz 27 24
.info 27 24
.asia 27 24
.name 54 (2 years) 50 (2 years)
.tel 19 19
Singapore Normal rate (SGD) per year Members rate (SGD) per year
.sg 62 55 73 60 73 60 73 60 73 60 32 30
.新加坡 73 60
.சிங்கப்பூர் 73 60

Please note that you can register domain names in International language and number. For example, .com and International language domain name is called IDN.

"IDN" stands for "Internationalised Domain Names". These are domain names that are reflected in native languages (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, German etc.). IDN uses a special algorithm to convert a string of Unicode (universal character set that encompass all of the worlds languages) into a string of Punycode (ASCII representation of Unicode string). For example, the string "中文.cn" (in unicode) when converted into punycode becomes "". (The prefix "xn--" is a standard part of all punycode strings).

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