About Us

First and foremost, although we may sound and seem like one, we are NOT a real estate agency and we do not brokerage or sell properties on behalf of clients, and we do not refer businesses to agents for a fee, in and outside of Singapore. We are NOT owned or manipulated by any real estate agents and agencies from anywhere in the world. Avoiding any conflicts of interest with our clients, who are mostly from the property industry, is always our top concern.

The Company

iViewhouse, , includes iViewhouse.com and iViewhouse.net, launched its beta in July 2012, is owned by Mondarlezo (the Company) and is the brainchild of Jaywin Chia (the Founder). A brainchild in Mondarlezo is like a project initiated and managed by the brainchild's founder, and it is supported and/or owned by Mondarlezo. You can learn more about Mondarlezo and its brainchild here.

The Begining

iViewhouse was founded in 2010. There was no concrete idea what iViewhouse should be. Ideas of what to do were bouncing here and there. It was only after Mondarlezo changed its direction that Jaywin decided what to do with iViewhouse.

When Mondarlezo changed its direction in March 2012, i-Open-House was discontinued at the same time. i-Open-House was a brand of Mondarlezo and was also founded by Jaywin back in 2001. You can learn more about i-Open-House and why it was discontinued here.

Since Jaywin has learned much from i-Open-House in the last 10 years, he seriously felt that it would be a waste if he did not make full use of his skills and knowledge to help those who needed the help and also to share his knowledge to a bigger group of people both inside and outside of Singapore.

Therefore, iViewhouse is a platform for Jaywin to share his knowledge and skill, and at the same time to build a network and a community both locally and globally.

At a glance, iViewhouse and i-Open-House are quite similar. They are about Internet, Panorama, Real Estate and Productivity. However, iViewhouse is set out to educate, share knowledge and build community. Whereas i-Open-House was an IT service provider to real estate agents in Singapore and commonly known to be about marketing and websites.

For those who knew about i-Open-House, the main difference between i-Open-House and iViewhouse is that you will be doing the panorama shoot yourselves. How to do it? We will share the knowledge and skill with you in iViewhouse.

The End

The whole idea about iViewhouse is to primarily achieve 2 things.
  1. To share Jaywin's knowledge and experiences with a wider audiences from Singapore to anywhere in the world on the topics pertaining to:-

    Internet · Panorama · Real Estate · Productivity

    Hopefully one day, the real estate industry will embrace showing and viewing properties online.

  2. To build 2 groups of community, from Singapore and from any part of the world, who are interested in or are relevant to all those topics in the point above, and to learn from each others.

    Group 1 (Real Estate People)
    You can be property agents, property agent recruiters, property agencies, property agent trainers/coaches, property investors, property developers, property valuers, property advisors, property watchers and property lovers.

    Group 2 (Tech People)
    You can be property portal operators, video editors, real estate photographers, videographers, IT savvy users, software programmers, software vendors, electronics vendors, gadget lovers and also panorama lovers.

    Objectively, we hope to build a community that can support each other.

    iViewhouse community is build by the community for the community.

Being open and transparent

In order to make the above idea sustainable, iViewhouse provides domain name registration service, post-production of Pano video service and sale of Pano videos. We may have more products or services that will benefit the community if this brainchild (iViewhouse) were to grow out from its beta stage.

We may accept qualified advertisers and sponsors along the way. However, all default reviews, comments and recommendations from us are unbiased and not sponsored. In the event of a sponsored review or an advertisement, we will indicate them in an obvious manner and in a transparent way. This principle tallies with the company's philosophy (Nos. 4) that you can learn more here.

Honestly, we do not know or worry about how iViewhouse will turn out. However, we find satisfactions and the rationality in sharing knowledge and building communities. We need to start from somewhere. So let's keep the ball rolling.

Please keep in contact with us wherever you are from. Let us build and learn from the community and all of us will WIN-WIN-WIN. What are the 3 WINs about? 1st WIN is You. 2nd WIN is your clients or people whom you helped, and the 3rd WIN is iViewhouse. Thank you.